Nate Orth
Per. 7
We all know about the earthquake down in Haiti. It was absolutely devastating. It crushed the poorest country in the world smashing buildings and ruining what small semblance of order that country had. It killed an estimated 170,000 and injured 300,000. Over 480,000 people left the capital city of Port-au-Prince since the quake.
Recently on CNN’s Nancy Grace I saw a lady that suggested that America should not be helping Haiti at all. This really worried me. A few years ago America went into Haiti and forced them to hold elections. The dictator at the time did not like that at all. A president was elected but a year into his presidency his family was killed by the former dictator’s people. The president resigned shortly thereafter. America threatened a military presence if the president was not given his spot back without persecution.
Given previous years experience and America’s helpfulness to Haiti why would they stop now when something so tragic has happened? America is the peace maker of the world. America likes to play the cop of the world. America is the big brother for these smaller, not as rich countries.
Even though outside countries are there and want to help clean up, what about after it clean? Business partners are dead, family members are dead, and buildings are gone. Those are the types of things that America has to aide in. We need to help reconstruct and build up past what it was before we need to help them out of poverty. We are America we are the helping country. We need to show some more compassion and show the example to the rest of the world. If something like this happens to us we need to have the opportunity to have some help from everyone else. America needs some good karma.