AACC: On Dumpster Diving
This article was about a man named Lars Eighner. This man was homeless and had a dog named Wilma. He dove in dumpsters looking for food and other necessities. He often found perfectly good food and supplies that were useful for his life on the streets. He took on several companions at different times to show them the ropes of dumpster diving and living on the streets in general.
Contextual Connection:
This was so interesting to me but it was also kind of gross. I don’t think that I could ever eat something out of the dumpster, not because I don’t trust it but for the simple fact that it came out of a dumpster. My thoughts were brought out in the article a few times when he said “It was thrown out for some reason.” I just couldn’t do it but this guy did what he had to do to survive and he ultimately thrived while doing it.