Narrative Essay
A day in the life of a modern high school student. Times are tuff and alarm clocks annoy so why set it? I hope--often not too hard--that I will magically wake up on time. Seven o’clock, it’s too early. I wrapped up my night last night at one in the morning.
I have to shower still and my friend will be here in… five minutes. We will for sure be late. We still have to drive all the ways out to the West Jordan tech center. I’m up earlier than the rest of my school it is beyond unfair. Is it so much to ask to start school later in the day? Maybe about the time a normal person wakes up? I can’t stay awake through class it’s too hard! It’s too boring, it’s too early. Finally that class is done I can go home. The rest of my day is easy enough. I have an hour before I have to go to Alta. My mom is gone! Where could she be? How will I eat? I’m hungry and no one is here to feed me, I will go without.
I’m in a rush again I can’t be late for volleyball again I already have a no grade. I am basically a pro volleyball player and I am willing to tell everyone about it. After spiking it in two innocent girls faces its time for seminary, I better catch up on my sleep here. Good hour nap and I’m ready to go. After school nothing is planned. Watch some espn, take another nap, and hang out with friends. I have lots of homework but who wants to do that? I can just sit on my couch and still pull of a 3.9 life is good. This is my life as a modern day high school student.