Nate Orth
Per. 7

Logos/ethos/pathos Abstract
Logos is logic. It takes specific facts and draws conclusions. It also uses deductive reasoning that apply to the specific case. You have to avoid logical fallacies such as slips in peoples reasoning. Also must avoid generalization, which is making conclusions while biased or not enough evidence. Circular conversations are to be avoided because it just restates the argument instead of proving it.
Ethos are the ethics of something. It is based on the character, credibility, or reliability of the writer. It is done by using credible sources. They also must respect the reader. It is just being a good author including doing spell checks and proofreading
Pathos is the emotional appeal to the audience. They need to be sensitive to their needs values and emotions. This is more common in interviews and individual stories. You can only do this if it supports your claim. It shouldn’t be used to scare people