Slow Betrayal
The sirens continued to grow louder and louder. “Emily you have to go now. They are coming and you are the main suspect. We tried talking to Sheriff Jones; he said that he let you off the hook one too many times. We called a cab you have to get out town.”
“I don’t get it! I don’t know why I have to go! I didn’t even do anything!” Emily said as she was rushed out the door. Her large red suitcase dragged behind, crashing down the cold wet stairs. “I promise I didn’t even talk to him last night! I loved him, I wouldn’t do that to him!” Her uncle wasn’t buying it. “Emily, we gave you the chance to come clean and you didn’t. This is the last straw. You can’t be here anymore.”
Emily grudgingly got in the cab and was rushed away. Shortly thereafter the sheriff flew up the long gravel driveway. “Where is Emily,” he said, “She is under arrest”
Uncle Joe sold her out. “She just got a cab and skipped town. If you hurry now you might be able to catch her before she crosses the county border.” The sheriff said no more. He ran to his car, slammed it into reverse, and sped south to catch her.
Uncle Joe turned to his wife, “Well Marilyn now we have to get rid of the body.”