Descriptive Essay
It’s high time for me to move on and move out. College will be a blast! I’m so excited and nothing can stop me from doing anything I dang well please. All my friends are going with me and I have everything I need. Life will be great and I will be on top of the world. We will be the coolest kids around.
I will have to drive everywhere because my friends can’t afford their own cars, unfortunately I spent my whole life savings on mine and it’s nothing to be proud of. We have nicknamed it the “Pimpo”. It’s a 1990 Ford Tempo, the car of stars. Its sexy red with a new paint job, the interior is red with the king of the car sitting nicely on the dashboard. His name is Tyrell the tiger. I got him at nicklecade and since then he has been the official pimp of my car. Propped next to him is, of course, Elmo the cars mascot. Those two items set me and my car apart. I will be the ladies man of college.
We have the best apartment around complete with a chef. Ok so he isn’t a real chef, but his dad is. That’s the only reason we invited this kid to college with us. He isn’t that funny or cool, but my friends and I have to eat somehow. We consider it more of an investment.
Seeing as how I spent my life savings on the Pimpo, I’m not quite sure how I am going to pay for college. I figure that I will just get it all on loans and let my parents pay for it while I’m on my mission; I’m such a great son.
College will be great. I’m so excited and if all goes to plan, I and my friends will be the coolest kids at SUU.