College Essay- What do you plan to do with your degree?
As a child I wasn’t exactly the cool or popular kid. I wasn’t the kid that had all the cool jokes and I wasn’t always the smartest kid, but I was always the kid that everyone could come to if they had a problem. Whether it was help on homework, problems at home, or the occasional girls trouble I was always one to lend a hand. I have always been taught to help others.
At the young age of seven I would go over to my grandmother’s house to help around the house. You see my grandma and grandpa were very old and extremely frail and couldn’t do much. Obviously if they enlisted the help of their then seven year old grandson they were in dire straights. At least twice a week I got the opportunity to go help out my grandma. It wasn’t really a chore for me, more of a hang out that ended with some work. My favorite time was always Christmas season. My grandmother always had the most elaborate ideas, she just couldn’t put them together, and it was always great to see the joy on her face when I could make it come to life. I will always remember cracking open an RC Cola with my grandpa and listening to his old war stories.
I learned a lot from these experiences I had with my grandparents. I learned a good work ethic that has helped me with not only my extra curricular activities(wrestling team, eagle scout, and work at three landscaping companies), but also with school(earning a 3.5 GPA, honor roll, and a 24 on the ACT). I also learned how to make work fun. What I learned most from these times was the career path that I wanted to pursue.
I want to go into the physical therapy field. I plan to assist, encourage, and maximizing quality of life for those who have decreased function of their bodies. I chose that as the major of my studies because I love helping and I am very social. I am currently taking the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation class at the Jordan Applied Technology Center. I love the class it is so fun. We get to go do clinical observations two days out of the week. Most recently I rotated to a Skilled Nursing Facility where they do Geriatric Physical Therapy. It was awesome to see the excitement of the elderly people when they saw the progress that had been made, one woman even made cookies to bring to the physical therapist.
With my degree I want to help, learn, and grow as a person. I want to make society better. I want to be a physical therapist.